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Lumber & Plywood

Different types and grades of lumber, plywood, and veneer are available in many different sizes, thicknesses and species. For a reference on the different lumber and plywood types we offer, please refer to the gallery. 

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Wood_Species_Pine_Knotty Wood_Species_Ash Wood_Species_Hickory Wood_Species_Alder_Knotty Wood_Species_Cherry Wood_Species_Cedar_Western_Red Wood_Species_Alder Wood_Species_Poplar_Yellow Wood_Species_Pine_Western_White Wood_Species_Pine_Southern_Yellow Wood_Species_Oak_White Wood_Species_Oak_Red Wood_Species_Maple_Soft_02 Wood_Species_Fir_Vertical_Grain Wood_Species_Mahogany_Honduran Wood_Species_Maple_Hard_02 Wood_Species_Walnut Wood_Species_Birch_Yellow
NOTE: Images are samples only. Actual product images may vary.